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Photos May 2010 Visit to Estado Lara, Barquisimeto - Church Coromoto

Soaking Prayer with father Thomas Smith and Bishop Tulio Manuel Chiribella.












August 23, 2010 – Monday – Ville Platte, LA

             6:30PM – Healing Service with Rosary & Apparition

        Home of Kermit & Sheila Miller

    210 Pecan St, Ville Platte, LA 70586         337-363-3563-H          337-363-1541-W              337-831-2624-C


August 24, 2010 – Tuesday – Ville Platte, LA

10:00AM – 5:00PM – Soaking Prayer by Appointment only

       Call Sheila Miller for appointments – numbers above                                       Donations accepted this is Mac’s only income.



August 25, 2010 – Wednesday – Washington, LA

10:00AM – 5:00PM – Soaking Prayer by appointment only

             Call Sheila Miller for appointment

  Donations accepted – this is Mac’s only income

                  Armada Prayer Day


August 26, 2010 – Thursday – Washington, LA

                    Immaculate Conception Church

                   330 Moundville St, Washington, LA


      6:30PM – Rosary with Apparition

      7:00PM – Mass Celebrated by Fr. Nunez

      8:00PM – Healing Service by Mac Smith



August 27, 2010 – Friday – Branch

     11:00AM – Healing Service with Apparition

                               Lonnie Richard’s Home

               706 Pointe Noir Rd., Branch, LA 70516



August 28, 2010 – Saturday – Washington, LA

9:30AM – 4:00PM – Walk with Mary                                                  St. Joseph Church Hall

                              306 Moundville St. just before Immaculate Conception Church



September, 2010


September 2, 2010 – Mac leaves for Venezuela


September 23, 2010 – Mac returns from Venezuela


September 27, 2010 – Monday – Ville Platte, LA 6:30PM – Healing Service with Rosary and Apparition

                                    Home of Sheila Miller

         210 Pecan Street, Ville Platte, LA 70586


September 28, 2010 – Tuesday – Ville Platte, LA

10:00AM-5:00PM – Soaking Prayer by Appointment


September 29, 2010 – Wednesday – Washington

10:00AM-5:00PM – Soaking Prayer by Appointment


September 30, 2010 – Thursday – Washington, LA Healing Mass with Rosary and Apparition before Mass

      And individual healing prayer after Mass


October 1, 2010 – Friday – Branch11:00AM – Healing Service with Rosary and Apparition

                       Lonnie Richard’s Home


October 2, 2010 – Saturday – Washington

9:30AM-4:00PM – Walk with Mary – Church Hall





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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Due to the increasing number of people calling for Soaking Prayer Mac has asked three people to help him.  This may not be every time; this just may be at certain times.  But please know that if you are being prayed over by one of the helpers your prayers and petitions are being heard by The Heavenly Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and Our Dear Blessed Mother all the same.

Wishing you all a happy and safe summer.




Mac Smith , Visionary and Healer will be at St. Genevieve Catholic Church ,815 Barbier St., Thibodaux , La. 70394 on July 17,2010, 4:00 p.m. Vigil Mass. Healing the Family Tree. Rosary, Apparition and Healing Service following Mass.

Mac Smith is from Little Rock , Arkansas is a visionary who is a lacizied Priest with a Healing Ministry, that takes place monthly at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Washington , Louisiana . He travels all over South Louisiana and Venezuela under the direction of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood.

Before attending this Mass please write down your Family Tree (5 generations if possible).Include the names of your ancestors from your family and your husband’s family. Write any illness or trait that has been passed down (heart, Cancer, Diabetes, addictions ,etc.). Name your children and grandchildren. Place this envelope in the basket in the back of Church when you arrive. They will be brought up to the altar during the Offertory, prayed over and burned after the mass.

The rosary will begin at 5:30 p.m. During the Rosary there will be an apparition to Mac Smith of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood. Our Lady will also bless your Rosaries, Prayer Cloths and Rose Petals at this time. Mac will pray on each person individually for physical, mental or spiritual healing. Mac is blessed with many apostolic gifts.

The invitation for healing is extended to all believers of Jesus Christ, Our Savior.

A love offering will be taken up for “Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood Mission fund”. Thank you for your generosity.

For questions, please call Annette Bourgeois at 985-859-7013






My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope you all had a blessed and Happy Easter.

I want to thank you, for your praying for me. I was in the hospital in ICU for six days. I had fluid around my lungs, e-coli, a kidney infection, and bladder infection. I came home from the hospital on Holy Thursday. I am very weak and the doctors request that I rest. But I will return to Washington, Louisiana in the end of April for the Healing Service and to continue with my regular ministry. Please, check my schedule because the dates have changed due to my illness.

On April 2, 2010, I received a phone call from Father Albert Nunez and he told me he had gotten a phone call from Bishop Michael Jarrell. Bishop Jarrell will not allow me to express out loud locutions or messages from the Blessed Mother during any alleged apparitions or to publish them.

I will be obedient to Bishop Michael Jarrell.

If you have any questions, call Father Nunez 337-826-7396.

Our Lady will be present at all Healing Services, we will continue to pray the rosary she will appear to me, and I cannot reveal any messages. Our Lady will bless the people attending the services, the prayer cloths and rose petals. The Healing Service will follow. Everything will remain the same, except no message will be given.

The apostolate of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood will continue to Evangelize through the healing ministry, the Armada Prayer groups, and the spreading of the Gospel in Southeast Louisiana and Venezuela.

I will be going to Venezuela in May. Please, continue to pray for me, it is your prayers that give me the graces to continue my work. Thank you and may God Bless you and your families.

Thomas Mac Smith



More Notes from Mac

Summary of Our Lady?s message in October

  1. Annette Bourgeois (Raceland, Angelic Tours, Inc) is selling through her private business all the books needed. (Except: The Crooked Way Made Straight ? featuring my life and the documented truth of how Our Lady?s assignment got us here.) For books make checks out to: Angelic Tours, Inc.
  1. The Second Book of all the messages and miracles and bi-locations is to be started.
  1. At the request of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood there will be no corporation for her mission.
  1. Donations made to me (Mac Smith) for expenses in Louisiana and South America from ?Walk With Mary?, Healing services, spiritual direction with soaking prayer will from now on be made out to:

                      Thomas Mac Smith Ministries/dba CCC

            The last number of the Federal ID non-profit tax exempt is 0865

            I will immediately send you a receipt for your donation.

  1. Remit to me:  Thomas Mac Smith

                                   2400 Riverfront Drive  Apt-11AA

                                   Box 2229

                                   Little Rock, AR 72202


                      Books for our ?Walk With Mary?

  1. Pretty soon most or all of the CD?s on our ?Walk With Mary? will be up for sale - $12.50 per CD for eight hours.                           

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